Betty Jean Van Keuren Parsons
1918 - 1999

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Born April 3 1918 in Washington D.C., Betty Van Keuren Parsons was raised in the towns of Alston and Watertown Massachusetts. Upon graduation from Watertown High School she continued her education at Pennsylvania State University and was graduated in 1939. She also received specialized training from Syracuse University and the Boston Museum School of Art from which she earned a diploma in 1959. Some years later, she earned her Masters Degree in fine arts at The Instituto de San Miguel d'Allende, GTO Mexico.

During her earlier career while residing in Weston Massachusetts, Betty exhibited in The Boston Arts Festival, The Jordan Marsh Show for Contemporary Artists, The Berkshire Art Association Berkshire Museum, The Burlington Gallery, the former Young Artist's Gallery of Newbury St., and America'a Artists in Particular. During this time she also executed numerous portrait commissions.

In 1966, Betty moved to Mexico to continue her studies and obtain her Masters Degree in Fine Arts. During this time she exhibited at the Instituto Nacional De Bellas Artes in San Miguel d'Allende Mexico.

In 1983 Betty returned to The United States to reside in Silver City New Mexico and spend her summer months in Stow Massachusetts. During these years she actively continued her painting until around 1995.

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